Job Hunting

I am still jobless over a month into our move to Georgia. This is stressful because:
1) we live with my in-laws which is fine but I miss having our own space and our own furniture;
2) not having a job sounds all fine and dandy but I AM SO BORED. I really need to get out of the house more and I need to work;
3) we can’t really look into moving into our own place until I have a job because we don’t know which area to move to that will be convenient for both my husband’s and my commute.

On the plus side, I have two interviews scheduled in the next two weeks. One is next week and is for a part time librarian job. I had previously interviewed at this same college for a library assistant position and though I absolutely wanted to work there, I couldn’t make the low pay work for us. This new position is promising and I’m thoroughly excited about it because it seems like a phenomenal place to work.

My other interview is a second interview with a company that I used to work for and loved; the only caveat is that it’s a retail job so I wouldn’t be putting my schooling to work and it wouldn’t be in the field within that company that I would prefer. Although I’m excited about it because I loved that company, I’m worried that I would be selling myself short. I decided to go back to school for my library degree because I knew that I didn’t want to work in a retail job the rest of my life, no matter how much I enjoyed working for that company; on the flip side, see the list above as to why I just need to be bringing in some income LOL. I could work there until finding something else, but this makes me feel guilty or that I’m misleading the interviewer if I got through the whole process only to turn down the job. I’m very torn and it all feels very complicated in my mind.

I put in another application (my 6th !!!!) with a different university today that sounds promising. It’s for a part-time ILL/circ library supervisor. I am super qualified and really hopeful because this is one of my top places that I was hoping to get a job at.
Say your prayers for me y’all, I really need a job.


I have been watching so much New Girl in my down time


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