Cinema Paradiso – A Love Letter to Film

cinemaparadiso (1)

I have always had a love for books; I built my career on surrounding myself with them. But there is something visceral about watching a film that just cannot be replaced. We are taught to read, but to those of us gifted with sight, we see – there is nothing else. Books can take you to a magical place or create a space where you feel loved and have a place in the world. Movies can also accomplish this, but the inherent goal of a film is different from a book – it’s to show you a different perspective on the world and create a community that has a shared experience.
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Quitting Never Felt So Good

I recently made a decision that, for myself, has been something that I have struggled with greatly in the past. It doesn’t seem like it’s that big of a deal, but in general, I felt like sucking it up and seeing it through was the only option, until now: I stopped reading a book I wasn’t enjoying.
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A Cure for Wellness


A few weeks ago, my husband and I rented the movie A Cure for Wellness directed by Gore Verbinski. It’s a psychological thriller centered around a business man who is sent to retrieve the CEO of his company from a mysterious and picturesque spa in the Swiss Alps and becomes stuck there himself after a car accident inside the grounds.

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The Girl on the Train

“Who was it said that following your heart is a good thing? It is pure egotism, a selfishness to conquer all.” 

I recently finished listening to The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins on audiobook; I then watched the film version directed by Tate Taylor and starring Emily Blunt. Let’s do a mini review of both of them!

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